Andreas Greiner: Photobioreactor

Andreas Greiner, master scholar under artist Olafur Eliasson, focuses on topics that are both provocative and philosophical. Greiner studied art and medicine and is always finding ways to combine science and art. For over eight years, Greiner has been growing bioluminescent algae, which he uses for different installations. In his VISIT project, he sheds light on the natural transformation processes involved in energy production. To this end, he has developed a specialised photobioreactor installation for bioluminescent deep sea algae. The bioreactor binds CO2during the day and releases energy in the darkness as a source of light. The microalgae (Pyrocystis fusiformis) grown in the installation respond to the movements of the evening visitors with pure, natural light. During the day, the algae carry out the process of photosynthesis in the sunlight. To complete this project, Greiner worked in close collaboration with a research institute in J├╝lich. #VISIT2017

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