Celine Berger: Tread Softly

The post-it note with the cryptic message found one morning stuck to the coffee machine in the tea kitchen. The daisy drawn by the supply technician on a meeting log. The employee in the production hall that took three steps on his hands – for Celine Berger (born 1973), who left a career as an engineer in the semiconductors industry in 2009 to work as an artist, these were all unconscious artistic interventions. They were events that defied expectation, shifted the order of things and briefly destabilised reality itself. As part of her VISIT residency, Celine Berger documents these types of artistic interventions and extrapolates them to create new scenes. As a guest of the innogy offshore wind farms team in the archipelago of Heligoland, she is on the lookout for moments, objects, places, perspectives and narratives to transform into writings, photographs or film. In the second phase of her work, she presents parts of her collection without prior notice, embedded in the fabric of the work day itself – as a saying printed on a coffee cup or uploaded as a video on the company Intranet. Employees themselves are thus both active producers in and recipients of the artistic process. #VISIT2017

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