Elisa Balmaceda: Electric Fields – Victory Over the Sun

Elisa Balmaceda (born 1985) works as an experimental multidisciplinary artist, researcher, and teacher. Her work unites the characteristics of public space with the occult and ideologies of magical thinking. Balmaceda’s newest project investigates the materiality of light, energy and communication technologies, and explores the ways in which these concepts influence our perceptions of time and space, reality and imagination. Elisa Balmaceda has been experimenting with the phenomenon of electrical fields since 2015, transforming her research into artistic interventions in public spaces. Using measuring devices and neon lights, she visits areas near these fields – either alone or in a group of performers – to render their existence visible. She uses this energy to power light performances and captures these happenings through film and photography. 

For VISIT, Elisa Balmaceda expanded on her project “Victory Over the Sun”, with the aim of producing a glowing neon sign powered by the energy derived from an electrical field. The project’s name is taken from the title of the first futuristic opera, penned by Aleksei Kruchenykh in 1923. Her concept embodies the utopian ideal of humanity’s independence from the solar system, and from the sun as its eternal source of power. #VISIT2016

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