Jonathan Omer Mizrahi: The Night of the Colourful Sky

Jonathan Omer Mizrahi is planning a project based on an extraordinary energy-charged event in Grevenbroich, Germany. On the evening of 11 November 2015, a pinkish light around the Neurath power plant caused many people to panic as it looked like a UFO had landed. It turned out that a local nursery was testing a new lighting system for a huge greenhouse consisting of seven million LED lights, before the blackout screening was ready. Jonathan Omer Mizrah is making a film about the event that combines documentary elements with a fictitious narrative.

Jonathan Omer Mizrahilives in Cologne, Germany and since 2014 has been studying ‘Media Arts’ with a focus on ‘Film’, ‘Multimedia Performance/Surveillant Architectures’ and ‘Public Art’ at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany.  #VISIT2018