Sam Hopkins: The Eternal Campers

Die Dauercamper is an audio installation that narrates a future Europe in crisis. Environmental catastrophe is a reality, energy resources are insufficient, economic dominance is a dream of the past and migration has ceased. We experience this scenario as an immersive radio play in a caravan, told from the perspective of the two elderly inhabitants of the caravan, and protagonists of the story, Karl and Else Bauer. Through the talks, discussions and arguments of these pragmatically-orientated, and ideologically unclear Dauercampers we encounter the broad societal struggle of the future. Will we solve the impending financial and ecological crisis by concentrating resources in centralised, government/corporate-led solutions or will we adopt a decentralised, distributed and citizen-led approach. 

British-Kenyan artist Sam Hopkins (born 1979) is also enjoying another advantage of his VISIT fellowship: interacting with a diverse network of engineers, economic experts and art institutions. For example, for help in the production of a bicycle generator, a central feature in the audio installation, he is consulting with e:labs, a consortium of technicians and experts from the Fraunhofer Institute and another beneficiary of the innogy Foundation. The innogy network was also instrumental in helping him to exhibit his work ‘Ministry of Plastic’ in front of the Dortmunder U building as part of the “Innovative Citizen” festival in December 2017. 

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