VISIT 2019: Over 130 applications

The innogy Stiftung’s VISIT fellowship programme has named Yvon Chabrowski, Christoph Görke and a duo made up of Andrea Winkler and Stefan Panhans as its three artists-in-residence for 2019.

The jury who made the decision consisted of light artist Mischa Kuball, sociologist Harald Welzer, curator of the Folkwang Museum (Essen, Germany) Anna Fricke, and Inke Arns, director of the Hartware MedienKunstVerein (Dortmund, Germany). Over 130 applications on the theme of ‘Energy’ were evaluated. Entries were submitted from all over the world and from a variety of different artistic positions and genres. “The three projects selected reflects this diversity,” says Daniela Berglehn, who manages VISIT at the innogy Stiftung. “The chosen pieces represent three very different approaches and together they also express the complexity and breadth of this theme and the possibilities it opens up.” The Jury agreed that the quality of the concepts submitted was high across the board. The innogy Stiftung would like to thank all the applicants and encourages them to continue to pursue their ideas.

Yvon Chabrowski examines the structural change in the area of the Ruhrgebiet and how the work being done is visible in the bodies of the population. Christoph Görke wants to build a dysfunctional LED-screen made of waste paper. The duo Andrea Winkler/Stefan Panhans will direct a musical inside an electric SUV about the exploitation of resources and the individual.

Actually the fellowship artists finalise and plan the implementation steps of their projects together with Daniela Berglehn’s team. The results will then be unveiled to the public in 2020, and will be accompanied by a series of debates with guests from the economic sector, the research sector, the art and culture scene and the world of applied philosophy.